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What Fees are involved?
After reserving your property, there is a 'Reservation Fee' to pay, this fee usually combine a 'commitment fee' (exactly that – a commitment from you that you are a serious investor and wish to proceed) and an 'admin' fee. The admin fee covers the costs involved in setting up and processing your reservation & application. The reservation fee is typically £2,995-£6,995 with approx £1,995 being the 'admin' fee that is non refundable (please ask for details of refund policy).

What happens if the Property Market Dips or Crashes?
With the front end purchase discount / instant equity we obtain for you, you in effect have a very comfortable 'buffer/safety cushion' if this worst case scenario does happen. In most cases you will have a minimum 25% GENUINE equity at day of completion and for the market to crash to this level is pretty much unheard of. Property investment is generally a long term strategy and history has always shown that if a market dips, it will always eventually recover and then climb to a higher level than previously.
Do You Need a substantial Amount of Money to Invest?
No, not necessarily. Many investors have structured a deal with little or no money down methods.

Would You Manage My Property on Completion?
Absolutely, we understand that from the day of completion onwards it is essential to make sure you are not 'left alone' to manage and pay the mortgage. This is why some of our deals include a 2 Year income to ensure you have minimal outlay for the first 24mths, whilst we take care and manage your property. Our ongoing management continues year 3 onwards for you. We have a network of sub agents across the countries we transact in and will always give you rental return projections from day one of your enquiry.

How Many Properties Can I purchase through The Albany Hill Partnership?
There is no limit to the number of properties you can purchase subject to your approval by the lending bank. We have clients who are building a portfolio and sometimes acquire more than one property. Speak to us about our the current bank lending conditions.

Do I Need to Spend a lot of time investing in Property?
You can virtually invest without changing your day-to-day routine. Albany Hill carry out the necessary research to ensure we provide quality investment opportunities. As we aid you through the process, you can speak to us over the telephone, pop and see us at our Central Milton Keynes offices or contact us via email. You can also view the developments and your purchase process once reserved via our interactive website. We provide the legal and financial experts leaving you to just sign the paperwork. By working with us, we will install confidence and build a long-standing relationship.

Can I Choose My Own Solicitor?
When sourcing a development, it would be an administrative nightmare dealing with several solicitors. It is therefore mandatory for you to use our own solicitor. We hope you can appreciate the fact that we need all transactions to be carried out from one Solicitor rather than many. We deal with solicitors who are not only professionals but are experienced in the various ways we finance property transactions.

Can I Choose My Own Mortgage Broker
Given the specific nature of dealing with overseas banks for lending to our clients, then generally we only recommend our own mortgage brokers who have access to a wide range of financial products to suit your status. If you do have or know brokers that operate in the countries that we do though, we would be only too happy for you to make an introduction to see if there was possible future working relationships to be explored

Are Albany Hill regulated?
Albany Hill accepts no liability for projections in this document. All purchasers should satisfy themselves of the suitability of these investments and are encouraged to conduct their own due-diligence. Albany Hill do not give financial advise and are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

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